Sign up with Tencent account then get 10TB WeiYun Cloud storage capacity

some words you may want to know:
网盘 webdisk
相册 photos
传输 transfer

上传 upload
下载 download
删除 delete
移动 move

安装 install
控件 plugin
客户端 client
密码 password
退出 exit

Step one : sign up a QQ account.

QQ is Tencent's most famous product, a powerful chatting software like MSN, but almost nobody use MSN in China cause QQ is so great. Tencent is the most biggest Internet company in China involed in many internet areas like Online Game, social network, e-commerce, portal website, mobile app etc. alomost every Chinese Internet user get at least one QQ account. then you can enjoy many tencent services when you got one. all right, english edition sign up page:

Step two: get the WeiYun capacity

WeiYun is still on beta and looks simple and crude, but since tencent is such a efficent company that created a lot of great product, we can just wait for the update.

Go to WeiYun Website:
click on the "web版" on then top right, login with your QQ account

Go to the get 1T page:
click on the "立即领取" button, means got it now. or just open this url

Download install and login:
download the mobile app, install it, login in on the mobile("登录" means login).

Final Click:
click on the "领取 1T" means get 1T, congratulation, you got 1TB.

Step three: just start.

the rest 9TB automatic expands according to you actual use, "已使用网盘容量" means "used capacity", "自动扩展至" means "auto expands to".